The 15th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on

    Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Asia

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    SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 -- Conference and Exhibition

    Art Gallery is a juried exhibition within the Experience Hall that showcases the latest innovations in digital art and provides a creative space for artists and attendees to gather. There will also be scheduled presentations for artists to explain the concepts behind their digital art.

    This year’s Art Gallery Theme is ‘Sustainability & Non-fungibility’.

    Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions at SIGGRAPH Asia are graphics-related, attendee-organized, informational discussions of shared interests, goals, technologies and/or backgrounds.

    The Business & Innovation Symposium program aims to help our community members from companies big or small, on catching business trends, finding the right partners, joining or growing the eco-systems, monetizing talent or product, as well as funding.

    A world-wide collection of the year’s best computer animation works. From short films to scientific visualizations to AI-enhanced deepfakes, this year’s festival promises its most expansive and compelling program ever. Watch highly anticipated screenings at the Electronic Theater and Animation Theater, and enjoy an entertaining and thought-provoking sample of the world’s best CG animation.

    The SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 Courses program aims to help push the boundaries of Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques by providing short or half day master classes led by leading international experts from academia and industry. Courses may target any level of expertise (from beginner to expert) as presenters distil key concepts and ideas into self-contained presentations.

    SIGGRAPH Asia prioritizes conversations and industry contributions that spotlight how diversity makes our communities, industries, and teams stronger. Events in the DEI program provides a safe place to grow, discuss, and learn from one another and to bridge boundaries with the goal of making our community more inclusive and accessible to all.

    Emerging Technologies is a juried exhibition within the Experience Hall that showcases the latest emerging and innovative technologies that aim to improve our lives. There will also be scheduled presentations for submitters to explain the concepts behind these new research innovations.

    This year’s Emerging Technologies Theme is the ‘New Normal’.

    Exhibitor Talk sessions include product updates and detailed hands-on presentations that introduce attendees to the latest developments in product innovation. In these sessions, participating companies introduce their latest developments; demonstrate software, hardware, and systems; answer burning questions from the attendees; and talk about how their applications improve professional and technical performance.

    The Featured Sessions program casts a spotlight on major breakthroughs, techniques, arts in the field of Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, that you do not want to miss. It brings the community together to learn from the brightest minds in graphics.

    Explore advances in Computer Graphics, VR/AR/MR, real-time, and more to push your games development skills forward. Given the vast impact that “Games” have had in the media industry for decades, the goal of the program is to celebrate the technological and cultural relevance of video-games and related technologies.

    From design and engines to VR and eSports, SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 Games Program aims at offering inspiration for all game-lovers out there. The Games program has invited a series of top speakers from the world’s leading studios to share more on the latest gaming technologies and techniques.

    At SIGGRAPH Asia, Keynote sessions offer insights to ground-breaking areas in the field of computer graphics and interactive techniques.

    This year, speakers from Renault and d’strict are featured.

    The Posters program is an interactive forum for innovative ideas that are not yet fully polished, high-impact practical contributions, and offer a behind-the-scenes view of new commercial and artistic work, as well as solutions that help solve challenging problems.

    These ideas are put together into simple, visually attractive posters showcased at the event, and authors of posters have scheduled sessions to explain their findings, discuss their work, receive feedback, and network with all attendees.

    Real-Time Live! is one of the experiences that makes it unique and a must-attend event. Watch as the best of the best in real-time graphics and interactivity come together for a live showcase and competition. From mobile games to console games to virtual and augmented reality, creators of cutting-edge real-time graphics will give you a look under the hood of their creations and share the techniques they use to achieve jaw-dropping results.

    The Technical Communications program is a premier forum for presenting the latest developments and research still in progress. Leading international experts in academia and industry present work that showcase actual implementations of research ideas, works at the crossroads of computer graphics with computer vision, machine learning, HCI, VR, CAD, visualization, and many others.
    A Technical Communication combines a short format written document with an oral presentation where presenters can interact with leading international experts in academia and industry.

    The Technical Papers program is the premier international forum for disseminating new scholarly work in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Technical Papers are published as a special issue of ACM Transactions on Graphics. In addition to papers selected by the SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 Technical Papers Jury, the conference presents papers that have been published in ACM Transactions on Graphics during the past year. Accepted papers adhere to the highest scientific standards.

    Technical Papers Fast Forward – A 2-hour preview session of all Technical Papers will also be held on the first day of the event where author(s) of each paper get less than a minute to wow the attendees with a brief overview of their work. More details on the Date/Time of this Fast Forward session to be announced.

    (New!) Best Technical Papers Awards – For the first time at SIGGRAPH Asia, awards will be presented to the Best Technical Papers.

    XR is a juried exhibition within the Experience Hall that showcases novel VR, AR, MR prototype systems and/or innovative content with off-the-shelf consumer products and software such as Unity or Unreal Engine. There will also be scheduled presentations for submitters to explain the concepts behind these novel technologies.

    Extended Reality (XR) refers to all environments that combine real and virtual elements generated by computer technology. It includes representative forms such as Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR). XR is a superset which includes the entire spectrum from “the complete real” to “the complete virtual” in the reality–virtuality continuum.

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