• Art Gallery / Art Papers

    Fact Sheet

    Chair: Sarah Kenderdine, ArtLab Laboratory for Experimental Museology (eM+), Switzerland

    Co-Chair: June Kim, The University of New South Wales, Australia

    Program Schedule: Monday, 18 November – Wednesday, 20 November

    Fast Facts                 

    • Two pioneering artists celebrate this year’s theme Deep Dreaming with installations as well as invited talks. They are:
      • Jon McCormack (Monash University), ground-breaking artist since the late 1980s McCormack has worked with computer code as a medium for creative expression. Inspired by the complexity and wonder of a diminishing natural world, his work is concerned with electronic “after natures” – alternate forms of artificial life that may one day replace the biological nature lost through human progress and development.
      • Hector Rodriguez (CityU Hong Kong) is an experimental interdisciplinary software artist. His work investigates the specific possibilities of information technologies to reconfigure our experience of moving images and our relation to film history. He integrates visual art with mathematics and computer science, exploring the tension between digital abstraction and visual representation.
    • Art Gallery received a high number of proposals with 105 submissions (15 acceptances, 14% acceptance rate), demonstrating not only the relevance of this theme to contemporary artists but also indicating the high caliber works that will be on display.
    • The Art Paper track was re-established for SIGGRAPH Asia 2019. A selected paper will be included in MIT Leonardo SIGGRAPH 2020’s special issue for the first time, with special thanks to Leonardo.

    Quote from Sarah Kenderdine, SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Art Gallery/Art Papers Chair:


    “For the first time in Australia, SIGGRAPH Asia art gallery installations span the history of art and algorithms, from the inspiration of nature through to the use of neural networks in the creation of new art — it is not only the art of our times, it is the art to come”.

    SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Art Gallery / Art Papers Program Highlights

    Machine Hallucinations - Latent Study II

    Artist: Refik Anadol

    Description: Machine Hallucinations - Latent Study II is part of an ongoing synthetic reality collection that explores the relationship between memory and dreams, recognition and perception.


    Dream Clanger

    Artists: Baden Pailthorpe, Charles Gretton, Rhys Healy

    Description: Dream Clanger is a hybrid art/computer science project that re-imagines

    AFL Player GPS data and match video. Building on Baden Pailthorpe's 2017 major exhibition 'Clanger', this work pushes the envelope further by integrating machine learning.


    Artist: Masaru Mizuochi

    Description: The personality of living things is beautiful. Is it possible to have a personality in the digital world? CharActor is a video work that produces animation by recognizing shader programs as genes and by changing their mathematical expression using evolutionary computation.


    Artistic License: VR Sydney Cove circa 1800

    Artist: Kit Devine

    Description: Artistic License: VR Sydney Cove circa 1800 foregrounds the interpretive nature of heritage visualisation. Existing in the liminal space between accuracy and authenticity, it exists as both art object and heritage visualisation, fostering and broadening debate about the nature and role of heritage.

    Extraordinary Accident: an immersive metaphor of Hong Kong

    Artists: Tomas Laurenzo, Alejandro Rodriguez, Tatjana Kudinova

    Description:         This paper presents Extraordinary Accident, a VR experience exploring a metaphorical representation of Hong Kong. The work attempts to liberate VR from its metaphorical ballast –its recreational onus– and instead, with a temporal amalgamation of different scales, contribute to an alternative, potentially more intimate, understanding of the urban experience.


    Full information about this year’s Art Gallery / Art Papers program can be found on https://sa2019.siggraph.org/attend/art-gallery

    For more information about SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 program updates, please visit https://sa2019.siggraph.org/attend


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