• Business & Innovation Symposium (BIS)

    Fact Sheet

    Chair: Michael Hsin-Yao Liang, Senior Partner, Silkroad Visual Technologies Co., Ltd., Taiwan


    Program Schedule: Sunday, 17 November

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    • BIS Roles

    An enabling platform for innovation and collaboration among visionary leaders, industrial frontiers, world-class researchers, investors and entrepreneurs to co-create the next generation industries landscape.

    • Committee
      Keke Quei, Principal and Lead Designer, lab-k

    Dr. Mukaddim Pathan, Principal, End-to-End Architecture & Technology Practices - Networks & IT in Telstra

    Jimmy Lin, Director, Virtual Human Research, Netlantis

    • Theme
      5G business trends and opportunities on content creation and applications.
    • Proceeding
      Panel 1: “5G, Trillion-Dollar Opportunities and You”

    Panel 2: “Grow with 3D Ecosystems”

    Panel 3: “Monetizing Virtual Human and Character”

    • Contributors
      12 panelists from diverse industries from telecom, semiconductor, cloud, IT consulting, business consulting, innovation and incubator, 3D technologies, vTuber entertainment, digital human applications, etc., from companies including Dell, GREE, Infosys, Khronos, NCC (Taiwan), Silkroad, Swinburne, Telstra, and Uneeq.

    Quote from Michael Hsin-Yao Liang, SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Business & Innovation Symposium Chair:


    “With a population of more than 4.4 billion, Asia-Pacific is the largest market in the world. And with SIGGRAPH Asia being one of the global leading innovation communities, BIS comes in as the perfect platform.


    To blaze the trail for innovation and to create a massive economic system similar to, or greater in scale than Hollywood and Silicon Valley in North America, BIS will be expected to connect academic, technology and art professionals in the SIGGRAPH Asia community. This will be done through the exchange of market trends, business mindsets, business models and capital. It is our hope that this will contribute to innovation and technological progress for wider society.”

    SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Business & Innovation Symposium Program Highlights

    5G, Trillion-Dollar Opportunities and You

    Moderator: Dr. Mukaddim Pathan, Telstra

    Opening Talk: Channa Seneviratne, Executive - Network and Infrastructure Engineering, Telstra

    Panel Talk: Raja Shah, Senior Vice President & Industry Head APAC, MEA & SEA | CMT & SURE Sectors, Infosys.

    Charles Sevior, CTO - Unstructured Data Solutions, Dell EMC (APJ + GC Region)

    Nicole Chan, Attorney / Industrial Consultant / Vice Chairperson, Digital Transformation Association


    For more than four decades, great minds and talents from the SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia Community have been inspiring and innovating in dozens of industries. In the upcoming 5G space, massive real-time interactions will be everywhere — from human to human, human to machine, machine to machine, and eventually, from intelligence to intelligence. As a result, the challenge to develop creative content and applications to fully utilize 5G’s potential, will be unprecedented. The telecom industry cannot do it alone: therein lies the battlefield for the SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia communities, and the golden opportunity for all of us.


    Come and get an overview of the landscape of mega-trends in 5G, get inspired and meet like-minded peers to unlock business opportunities.


    Grow with 3D Ecosystems

    Moderator: Keke Quei, Principle and Lead Designer, lab-k.

    Panel Talk: Neil Trevant, President - The Khronos Group

    Yang Xiang, Dean - Digital Research & Innovation Capability Platform, Swinburne University of Technology

    Luke Liu, CEO / Founder - LIPS Corporation

    Liming Zhu, Research Director – Software & Computational Systems Research Program, Data 61, CSIRO


    Have you imagined working with an entire team of talents whom you cannot afford to hire, using technology resources you do not own, getting channels and user base too costly to acquire alone and growing your business at an unprecedented speeds?

    By leveraging on strategic partnerships, we can reduce R&D expenditures, extend capabilities and service offerings, speed up market-to-market, penetrate new territories, acquire user and channels, pump in revenue streams, get capital funding, in a robust manner.


    Our panelists will share their perspectives on open standards in e-commerce and advertisement, robot vision in smart manufacturing, massive transaction in digital asset market. Develop and fully utilize partnerships with 3D ecosystems, find your path to success and connect directly with leaders from resourceful eco-systems.


    Monetizing Virtual Humans and Characters

    Moderator: Michael Liang, Silkroad Visual Technologies Co., LTD

    Panel Talk: Eiji Araki, Senior Vice President - GREE
    Nick Sokolich, Head of Sales - UneeQ
    Marcus L Endicott - Robopsychologist - MetaGuide
    Yang, Xiao Xuan, VP - iQiyi


    Cutting-edge real-time production techniques and artificial intelligence have created new business opportunities in the global media and entertainment. These trends have also brought about the rise of “Virtual Beings”, forecasted to have a population size comparable to that of humans in the near future.


    Artists, engineers and business people have created thousands of digital copies of physical or human-like consciousness with sophisticated digital solutions, to perform duties with different appearances in immersive media across industries. These include: video streaming, live concerts, gaming, film, animation, sport, e-commerce, public relations, brand representatives, training and education, companion robots, virtual pets, health care, defense, manufacture, retail, home and other customer services.


    This session will help you discover how to monetize digital humans and characters. Our panelists will share their insights on market trends, real stories of tactical deployment and new possibilities and services which may act as potential revenue streams.


    This year’s Business & Innovation Symposium program can be found on:

    For more information about SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 program updates, please visit https://sa2019.siggraph.org/attend

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