• Demoscene

    Fact Sheet

    Co-Chairs: Joe Cincotta, Thinking.Studio Australia and John Doolan, Virtual Immersive, Australia


    Program Schedule: Monday, 18 November – Wednesday, 20 November

    Fast Facts:

    • The demoscene is a subculture that originated in the early 1980’s as cracking groups put their name on games they would release – it evolved into a form of digital self-expression through code – creating ‘real-time’ art that pushes the capability of the hardware on which it is run.
    • Today there are demo groups all over the world representing all different kinds of hardware, from the latest PC’s with RTX graphics cards to Commodore 64’s from the 1980’s to embedded hardware and pocket calculators – basically anything you can write code for, you can put a demo on! 
    • Demo parties are the original ‘hackathon’ where coders, artists and musicians would come together to work on their productions for 48 hours straight and then show their demo in competition with everyone else to the audience live.

    • In Europe and Scandinavia, demoscene parties can be huge with thousands of attendees taking over indoor stadiums for days.

    • As modern technology advanced, new categories of demos evolved such as size-limited 64 kilobyte ‘intros’ which in turn pushed the boundaries of procedural code, music and art to entirely new limits.

    • The Demoscene program, introduced for the first time this year at SIGGRAPH Asia, will consist of SIGGRAPH Asia's own demoscene introduction, interactive workshops, and talks by demoscene veterans.

    Quote from Joe Cincotta, SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Demoscene Co-Chair:


    “I am so excited we finally have the demoscene represented within SIGGRAPH Asia. Since the 1980’s the demoscene has represented the absolute bleeding edge of digital real-time art for the sake of art – simply through exploiting computer hardware. It is art meeting science in its purest form.”

    SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Demoscene Program Highlights

    Demoscene Talks


    "Tricks of the 8-Bit Demoscene"

    Speaker: Matthias Kramm (aka QUISS of Reflex)

    Description: What are the tricks, algorithms and optical illusions that make 8-bit (C64) demos "tick"? This talk covers, among others, fake zooming / texture-mapping, 2D zoetropes & cyclers, XOR filling and Bresenham decision trees, and how to dissect a more complicated effect into the individual building blocks.

    “Demoscene in a Web Browser”

    Speaker: Ricardo Cabello (aka Mr Doob)

    Description: Self-taught computer-graphics programmer, Ricardo Cabello (aka Mr Doob), will talk about how the demoscene has progressed into the web browser.

    Demoscene Party


    Retro Museum
    Heaps of working computer hardware from the last 40 years on display all running award-winning demos.


    Demoscene Workshops
    Learn how to make demos for retro hardware and the latest 3D cards with interactive workshops and tutorials


    Live Chipmusic Performances by CTrix
    A huge part of the demoscene subculture is the music and CTrix is world renowned for his albums and live performances.


    Fireside chat with Dan Wills
    What is it like to be in the demoscene and how can you get started? We talk to ‘sceners’ about their experiences.

    Demo Showcase
    We show ‘pivotal’ demos from the last four decades and explain the technical challenges they overcame and how they influenced the evolution of the scene.



    Full information about this year’s Demoscene program can be found on https://sa2019.siggraph.org/en/attend/demoscene


    For more information about SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 program updates, please visit https://sa2019.siggraph.org/attend

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