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    Chair: Mark Elendt, SideFX, Canada


    Program Schedule: Monday, 18 November – Wednesday, 20 November

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    • Featured sessions are curated content
    • Inspirational work and speakers from around the world
    • Current and Forward-looking topics in the Field of Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques.

    Quote from Mark Elendt, SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Featured Sessions Chair:


    “There’s an incredible line-up of Featured sessions for SIGGRAPH Asia 2019. I hope the at-tendees enjoy experiencing them as much as I’ve enjoyed helping to put this program together. There are a some very high-profile speakers talking about a variety of topics from feature film production (including two sneak peeks at unreleased films) to real-time projects. In fact, I’m looking forward to attending these sessions myself.”

    SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Featured Sessions Program Highlights

    Childish Gambino's Pharos-Real-Time Dome Projection for Live Concert
    Presenters: Keith Miller and Alejandro Crawford, Weta Digital

    Description: Childish Gambino's Pharos festival was a three-day immersive music event held in a 160 foot wide inflatable dome in a remote New Zealand location. Weta Digital and 2n Design joined forces to create captivating 360 degree interactive visuals for the dome projections.

    Keith and Alejandro will discuss their unique approaches to designing the experience, and choreographing the dream-like imagery to Childish Gambino's performance. From initial concept art and design processes through to VR prototyping tools and the final system architecture for displaying high-resolution, real-time rendered content in Unreal Engine, they will present a glimpse behind the scenes of creating the ground-breaking and award winning event.


    Star Wars: Over Four Decades of Storytelling with Innovation
    Presenter: Rob Bredow, Executive Creative Director and Head of ILM

    Description: With a focus on the creative approach, Rob Bredow will highlight some of the most innovative visual effects in this series of films spanning over forty years of work at Industrial Light & Magic. From "A New Hope" to "Solo: A Star Wars Story", from motion control to fully digital characters, the saga provides both a historical reference and points to the creative future of visual effects


    The Avengers' Fate

    Presenter: Sidney Kombo-Kintombo, Weta Digital

    Description: Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel Avengers: Endgame conclude a decade-long saga told over the course of 22 movies. The MCU is a celebration and exploration of heroes and villains. Their individual journeys span multiple universes and cross barriers of time, eventually culminating in one of cinema's most complex VFX spectacles as they face-off one last time. Sidney recounts how Weta Digital assembled the expansive collection of characters for the climatic third acts of each film. He breaks down iconic scenes-from the fiercest battles to the intertwined fates of Thanos and Tony Stark-revealing how Weta's animators leveraged new animation toolsets and extensive experience in the MCU to portray the inevitable fate of The Avengers


    "Frozen 2" and the Past, Present, and Future of Tech at Disney Animation

    Presenter: Ernest Petti, Walt Disney Animation Studios

    Description: Walt Disney Animation Studios has a long tradition of combining timeless storytelling with innovative technology. This tradition continues with "Frozen 2" pushing the boundaries of what we can accomplish artistically and technically. From enchanted forests to dark seas, solving the artistic and technical challenges of "Frozen 2" built on the innovative approaches we have established over our long history of filmmaking. The unique challenges that we needed to solve also point the way to the future of how we are rethinking our moviemaking processes.


    Making of Pixar's Onward

    Presenters: Jonathan Pytko, Paul Kanyuk, and Renee Tam, Pixar Animation Studios; Cody Harrington, Onward FX; Seth Freeman, Michael Bidinger, and Max Rodriguez, Pixar Animation Studios

    Description: Makers of the upcoming Pixar movie Onward are going to share some details about the making of the new movie. Various departments are going to present and talk about the difficulties encountered during the course of the production. The team are going to reveal some of the details of making magic for Onward.

    Full information about this year’s Featured Sessions program can be found on https://sa2019.siggraph.org/en/attend/featured-sessions


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