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    Submit to the Birds of a Feather program!

    Gather the SIGGRAPH Asia Community Virtually with a Birds of a Feather Session

    Issue 15, September 2021


    SIGGRAPH Asia 2021’s Birds of a Feather program submission deadline is fast approaching on 2 October 2021. As the saying goes “birds of a feather flock together”, and we’re all about that at SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 – where the entire computer graphics and interactive techniques community come together.


    Apply to be our Super Star Student Volunteer!

    Tap on SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 to Advance Your Career in Computer Graphics

    Issue 14, August 2021


    SIGGRAPH Asia 2021, the 14th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Asia will take place this 14 – 17 December at the Tokyo International Forum (TIF) in Tokyo, Japan. The event will be going Hybrid - with both in-person and virtual elements. In view of the evolving Covid-19 situation, a selected range of conference programs will be made accessible online with networking opportunities for international attendees who may be unable to travel.


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    Submit to the Technical Comms & Posters Program by 11 August!

    Make an Impact & Feature Your Research At SIGGRAPH Asia 2021

    Issue 13, July 2021


    SIGGRAPH Asia 2021’s Technical Communications and Posters program submissions deadline is fast approaching on 11 August 2021. Unsure which program to submit to? We’re here to help!

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    Submit to the CAF Program by 1 August!

    Submit your Best Animation Stories – From Shorts, Visualizations, VFX Sequences, Game Cinematics to Real-Time Pieces!

    Issue 12, July 2021


    SIGGRAPH Asia 2021’s Computer Animation Festival program is Asia’s premier computer animation festival which showcases a world-wide collection of the year’s best works. We’d like to invite creators from around the world to submit their projects and help showcase the world’s most innovative and exciting computer animation.

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    Submit to the Experience Hall Programs by 15 Jul!

    Submission Deadlines Are Fast Approaching For Experience Hall Programs!

    Issue 11, July 2021


    Solidify your spot in SIGGRAPH Asia’s history by presenting your best art pieces, novel interactive technologies and immersive XR experiences to our Experience Hall programs: Art Gallery, Emerging Technologies and XR.


    Submit to the E-Tech Program by 15 July

    Submit Your Newest Innovations & have the community experience it at SIGGRAPH Asia!

    Issue 10, July 2021


    SIGGRAPH Asia 2021’s Emerging Technologies program is the premier arena to demonstrate novel interactive technologies to a large audience, inspiring and allowing them to experience the future. The program is planned to take place both in-person and virtually, with the theme 'Awaken Our Bodies'.


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    Unveiling our New Sponsors!

    Welcoming Imagica Group & Autodesk onboard at SIGGRAPH Asia 2021!

    Issue 9, June 2021


    SIGGRAPH Asia will be taking place this 14 – 17 December to unite the Computer Graphics community both in real life and on a virtual setting. In addition to the sponsors that we have previously revealed, we are elated to announce 2 new sponsors that will be joining us this December: Gold Sponsor Imagica Group and Computer Animation Festival Program Sponsor Autodesk.


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    Submit to the XR Program by 15 July!

    Captivate & Engage SIGGRAPH Asia Attendees With Your Immersive Masterpiece

    Issue 8, June 2021


    Extended Reality (XR) refers to all environments that combine real and virtual elements generated by computer technology. It includes representative forms such as Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR). XR is a superset which includes the entire spectrum from "the complete real" to "the complete virtual" in the reality–virtuality continuum.

    Submit to the Art Gallery Program by 15 July!

    Show Off Your Artwork at SIGGRAPH Asia 2021

    Issue 7, June 2021


    The SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 Art Gallery program is looking for artworks, projects, performances, platforms, and communities that address this year’s theme of ‘The Future of Ritual and Resonance’.


    Submit to the Courses Program by 27 June!

    Share The Secrets Behind Your Latest Research Works

    Issue 6, June 2021


    The SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 Courses program aims to help push the boundaries of Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques by providing master classes of all levels by leading international experts from academia and industry. For experts wishing to give back and share their knowledge, this is the best platform for you to distill key concepts and ideas into engaging sessions.


    Exhibit At Early Bird Rates!

    Be A Part Of The SIGGRAPH Asia Exhibition – Asia’s Must-Attend Graphics and Interactive Techniques Marketplace!

    Issue 5, May 2021


    Every year, SIGGRAPH Asia rotates around the Asia-Pacific region to bring together the best of global and local experts and talents in computer graphics and interactive techniques. SIGGRAPH Asia, being a hybrid event this year, will provide you with additional brand exposure and presence both physically and virtually. The organizing team will create a seamless experience for both in-person and virtual participants.


    Submit to the Technical Papers Program by 20 May!

    Present Your Latest Innovations at SIGGRAPH Asia 2021

    Issue 4, May 2021


    Thank you for submitting your research works to past editions of SIGGRAPH Asia! We would like to personally inform you that SIGGRAPH Asia 2021’s Technical Papers program’s deadline is closing in a week’s time.

    Submit Your Best Works Today!

    SIGGRAPH Asia 2021's Program Submissions is Officially Open!

    Issue 3, April 2021


    SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 invites you to submit your best works and innovative ideas at the 14th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques this 14 – 17 December in Tokyo, Japan.

    Forum 8 and Digital Hollywood Uni are in! What about you?

    Be at the Heart of Computer Graphics this December

    Issue 2, March 2021


    2020 has been a roller coaster of a year, but kudos to everyone for showing a great amount of resilience thus far! We at SIGGRAPH Asia, are confident that we will be able to bring an in-person, physical event to you at the end of this year. Companies such as Forum8, Digital Hollywood University, Adobe Research and Bandai Namco are one of the firsts to secure their participation at the event as our platinum sponsor, gold sponsor, and program sponsors, respectively.


    Start prepping your submissions early

    Be at the Heart of Computer Graphics this December in Tokyo, Japan!

    Issue 1, March 2021


    SIGGRAPH Asia 2021, the 14th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Asia, is set to take place this 14 – 17 December at the Tokyo International Forum (TIF).


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