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    Fact Sheet

    Chair: Xin Tong, Microsoft Research, China

    Co-Chair: Belen Masia, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain

    Program Schedule: Sunday, 17 November – Wednesday, 20 November

    Fast Facts

    • There will be 51 Posters shown at SIGGRAPH Asia 2019.
    • This year we have four invited posters showcasing outstanding contributions from VRST 2019 and VRCAI 2019.
    • Poster authors will be available during two different Poster sessions to discuss their work with attendees.
    • The 162 authors represent 55 academic institutions and companies, from 11 different countries.
    • There were 100 valid submissions in total, which received 300 expert reviews.

    Quote from Xin Tong and Belen Masia, SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Posters Chairs:


    “The SIGGRAPH Asia Posters program is an interactive forum for thought-provoking ideas,

    high-impact practical contributions, offering a behind-the-scenes view of new commercial and artistic work, as well as small solutions that help solve challenging problems.”

    SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Posters Highlights

    A Low-Cost Multi-Camera Array for Panoramic Light Field Video Capture

    Authors: Michael Broxton, Jay Busch, Jason Dourgarian Matthew DuVall, Daniel Erickson, Dan Evangelakos, John Flynn, Ryan Overbeck, Matt Whalen and Paul Debevec, Google, United States of America.

    Description: We present an inexpensive, portable multi-camera system for capturing panoramic light field video content at high resolution and with a wide field of view (> 220 degree FOV)


    Pop-up digital tabletop: seamless integration of 2D and 3D visualizations in a tabletop environment

    Authors: Daisuke Inagaki, Yucheng Qiu, Raku Egawa and Takashi Ijiri, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan.

    Description: We propose a pop-up digital tabletop system that seamlessly integrates two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) representations of contents in a digital tabletop environment.


    Nanoscapes: Authentic Scales and Densities in Real-Time 3D Cinematic Visualizations of Cellular Landscapes

    Authors: Andrew R Lilja, Shereen Kadir, Rowan T Hughes, Nicholas J Gunn, Campbell Strong, Benjamin J Bailey, Robert G Parton and John B. McGhee, UNSW Art & Design, Australia, and University of Queensland, Australia.

    Description: Nanoscapes is a cinematic first-person interactive exploration of cellular landscapes that attempts to address the challenges of visualizing authentic molecular scales and densities in real-time.


    Modelling scene data for render time estimation

    Author: Harsha K Chidambara, DNEG, United Kingdom.

    Description: A supervised learning approach to estimate render times of images in post-production.


    Multi-directional 3D Printing with Strength Retention

    Authors: YuPeng Guan, Yisong Gao, Lifang Wu, Kejian Cui, Jianwei Guo, Zechao Liu, Beijing University of Technology, Institute of Automation, Institute Of Computing Technology of CAS, China

    Description: We proposed a refined scheme and system to improve the bonding strength of the printed objects from the multi-directional 3D printers by introducing the CO2 laser.




    Full information about this year’s Posters program can be found on https://sa2019.siggraph.org/en/attend/posters

    For more information about SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 program updates, please visit https://sa2019.siggraph.org/attend

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